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Our Homes

42 Years of Hearth and Home.

North-Oakland Residential Services operates 13 houses throughout Oakland County licensed by the State of Michigan to be residential homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Our Direct Support Staff is scheduled to provide Compassionate Care Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meeting the physical and emotional health needs of those in our care in a safe, supportive environment.

As far as the real estate, our homes dwell within local neighborhoods well-equipped with medical offices, grocery stores and robust community offerings. All homes are fully ADA-compliant to ensure easy access and movement for anyone. Transportation to shopping excursions, social events, community activities, medical appointments, etc. is provided through community vans outfitted with chair lifts. Homes contain enough bedrooms to accommodate 5-6 residents and each home has a supervisor and direct support staff employees onsite in schedule shifts.

We create a real community and meaningful relationships.


The NORS management and Direct Support Staff Supervisor will meet with each individual to fully understand the resident and what they respond to, dislike, and strive towards. We build a genuine and organic relationship with the individual to truly understand, along with the insight of the family, what the best practices are for goal achievment, daily activities, medical care, necessary boundaries, leisure preferences and more.

And the key to what makes our houses real homes is the communal family atmosphere we create between those in our care. Our dedication to encouraging bonding, friendship, shared experience between the residents and the staff is what sparks the warmth that we all identify as "home." We do not silo those in our care to separate rooms or corners. We are a community and that sense of community enables as much intellectual, emotional growth to the lives of those in our care as any of the more tangible services that we offer.

We welcome individuals functioning at all different levels and are experienced in providing the care they need.

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