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Over 42 Years of Experience.

North-Oakland Residential Services (NORS) is a Michigan non-profit corporation with over forty years of dedicated service to developmentally disabled adults.

Formed in 1980, NORS was at the forefront of the movement to deinstitutionalize developmentally disabled adults, close down institutions, and place individuals in their own homes, close to family in the community. We began with a six bed group home in Ortonville. Many of those individuals are still being supported by NORS today.

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Getting stronger every day.

NORS grew over the next twenty (20) years to seven (7) residential programs scattered throughout Oakland County. NORS began to gain the reputation of great success supporting individuals with very challenging behavioral issues. Incorporating gentle teaching techniques, individuals who never thought of having the chance to be successful living in the community, are, valued, safe, and now enjoying a high quality of life.

A merger with Good Neighbors.

In June of 2000, North-Oakland Residential Services merged operations with Good Neighbors an Oakland and Macomb County residential provider. Thanks to the merger and continued growth, NORS now operates 13 residential programs that still include licensed group homes, but also now include personal residences, smaller tailored households centering more on self-determination and choice.

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A lasting approach.

NORS’s high quality residential programs have resulted in a large variety of individuals and families expressing satisfaction with our approaches and services over the years. Organizational goals that encompass personal choice and person-centered planning have resulted in consistently high ratings on annual satisfaction surveys.

North-Oakland Residential Services takes pride in the quality care we have consistently delivered, and remains committed to these high standards long into the future.

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