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42 Years of Compassionate Care.

North-Oakland Residential Services (NORS) is a Michigan non-profit corporation with over forty years of dedicated service to developmentally disabled adults.

NORS operates 13 residential programs all located in a geographic corridor encompassing Oakland County. Currently 100 individuals are supported, nurtured, and loved in their own homes receiving the highest quality of care.


Since 1980, we have utilized our knowledge, patience and expertise to lead those in our care to lives of enrichment and fulfillment. We build strong relationships with each specific individual in our care to maximize their personal potential and provide fruitful community engagement. Through the philosophy and practice of person-centered planning, we create autonomy through the pursuit of individualized goals using personalized tactics, incentives and step-by-step plans.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of North-Oakland Residential Services is to provide supports to developmentally-disabled adults in residential programs. It is the desire of this organization to provide the consumers with a maximum number of opportunities to exercise personal choice; to experience self-growth; to develop the capacity for meeting the normal challenges and risks of daily living and, to the extent that their individual potential and abilities allow, develop self-reliance.

Furthermore, it is our purpose to advocate for the rights of the consumers as citizens in their community, to provide a model for the community as to the role that every individual can fulfill as a citizen, and also to serve as a role model to assure that every individuals needs are met in a dignified and humane manner.


Our homes center integration, not exclusion.

The experiences and environments of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities should be full of meaning and purpose, and at NORS we center community engagement by creating enriching experiences to be shared between those in our care. We prioritize the preservation and growth of a thriving communal life in our homes. We believe that by embracing the spirit of togetherness and group engagement, those in our care are enriched by meaningful friendships and common experience.

We encourage self-exploration and activities that help those in our care build skills and push forward towards their personal goals. And we have plenty of fun while we're at it!


I cannot find words to express what I feel so you can truly know how thankful I have been for the care and security that you have provided for my sister.

Julia Hewson-Carroll

I can recall two to three occasions when I have telephoned North-Oakland Residential Services because of an emergency need to find an individual a good home. On each occasion, NORS has offered their services and their homes. Not only have they offered their services, but North-Oakland Residential will put other matters aside to make sure the individual in crisis is as comfortable as can be achieved. Each time I have thought to myself, North-Oakland has easily made a crisis more manageable. They saved the day. When thanked, their response is "that is what we are here for."

Berry Jenneman
Support Coordinator Supervisor
Macomb Oakland Regional Center

There was love all around for my daughter Karyn at the Dartmouth Home. NORS is an amazing company with awesome, caring people and our family is so grateful for Karyn's quality of life with her extended family. Allowing someone else to take care of your loved one is such a difficult and emotional decision, but we made the best choice with North-Oakland Residential Services.

Midge Appel

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