Welcome to NORS!

North-Oakland Residential Services (NORS) is a Michigan non-profit corporation with over thirty years of dedicated service to developmentally disabled adults. 


NORS operates 14 residential programs all located in a geographic corridor encompassing northern Oakland and Macomb counties. Currently 100 individuals are supported, nurtured, and loved in their own homes receiving the highest quality of care.

The purpose of North-Oakland Residential Services is to provide supports to developmentally-disabled adults in residential programs.

It is the desire of this organization to provide the consumers with a maximum number of opportunities to exercise personal choice; to experience self-growth; to develop the capacity for meeting the normal challenges and risks of daily living and, to the extent that their individual potential and abilities allow, develop self-reliance.

Furthermore, it is our purpose to advocate for the rights of the consumers as citizens in their community, to provide a model for the community as to the role that every individual can fulfill as a citizen, and also to serve as a role model to assure that every individuals needs are met in a dignified and humane manner.