Job Summary

A direct support staff, a non-exempt employee, is responsible for the personal care, protection and supervision of developmentally disabled individuals.  He or she is responsible for the completion of tasks in the areas of: health maintenance, transportation, nutrition, housekeeping, recreation, adaptive skill building, and documentation. The House Manager will recruit and select direct support staff.  Direct support staff will be supervised by the House Manager and/or Assistant House Manager.

Job Qualification

  1. At least 18 years of age. 

  2. Good physical health including negative tuberculosis test. 

  3. Valid Michigan driver’s license and a good driving record, unless waived by the Chief Executive Officer in writing. 

  4. High school graduate or equivalent (G.E.D.) unless waived in writing by the Chief Executive Officer..

  5. Successful completion of required training.

  6. Three (3) references. 

  7. Successful background checks including fingerprinting within ten (10) days of conditional job offer

  8. Right to be lawfully employed in the United States as determined by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1989.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Direct and assist consumers in personal grooming, dressing, housekeeping and other daily living skills.

  2. Assist consumers in reaching their goals in their Person Centered Plans.

  3. Assist in the maintenance of a pleasant and sanitary home environment for the consumers.

  4. Follow all recommended treatment plans by medical service providers and document accordingly.

  5. Be knowledgeable of each consumer’s whereabouts and safety at all times while on duty. 

  6. Efficiently document all pertinent information on appropriate forms pertaining to each consumer as required. 

  7. To attend and complete all courses of training required for the position.

  8. Comply with the policies and procedures of the State of Michigan, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, as well as any other regulatory agency which sets policies for which North-Oakland Residential Services, Inc. must comply.

  9. Advocating for all resident rights issues, and timely reporting of all suspected violations immediately.

  10. Establish and maintain courteous, cooperative and professional relationships with co-workers, supervisors, consumers and their families and/or guardians.

  11. Maintain a clear understanding and ability to implement all emergency procedures.

  12. Administer and document medications prescribed for individual consumers

Other Job Functions

  1. Transport consumers to school or work sites, doctor’s offices, social activities and other designated destinations in a suitable vehicle.

  2. Prepare meals for consumers following a posted menu.  

  3. Foster good relations with the community.

  4. Safeguard consumer’s personal possessions and to document any acquisitions and/or disposals. 

  5. Implement social activities.

  6. Maintain accurate records/receipts of all petty cash expended from the household.

  7. Assist in the training of new direct support staff.

   8. Attending and participating in all staff meetings and in-services arranged by the House Manager, unless waived by the House Manager in advance.

   9. All other duties assigned by management.